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Welcome to Eastern Savings Bank, Where We Think Outside the Box!

Eastern Savings Bank, fsb is a true portfolio lender offering a custom product line designed to help those who fall outside of the standard conforming box! As a direct, private lender, we think outside the box to meet the needs of consumers, investors, brokers, self-employed borrowers, and contractors with a unique qualification system that focuses on the ‘big picture’, including (but not limited to): unique methods to qualify borrowers based on income, employment, and assets; and flexibility for borrowers with recent credit events or additional difficulties.


Loan Programs Meeting Today’s Needs, With Over a Century Of Experience

As a portfolio lender, we manage every single step of the mortgage process! When you work with Eastern Savings Bank, you will enjoy direct communication and creative thinking throughout your experience with us; and, when we tell you your loan is approved you can move forward with ease!


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Our Loan Officers can help answer all of your questions and walk you through your client’s mortgage options.

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